I’m a transguy (female to male) and my pronouns and terms of choice are he/him/his and male terms of brother, son, husband, etc. Aspiring writer (obviously), Pagan high clergy, polyamorous, pansexual and demisexual, panromantic, victim advocate and survivor of full spectrum abuse. Navy veteran (E-5, AG2, when I was honorably discharged). I currently chauffeur people from place to place for cheaper than a taxi fare, which is nice.

For safety reasons, I have not disclosed my true name on here and don’t plan to as I’m writing the story of the abuse I suffered and wish not to have it lead to my abuser finding me and my family. So if anyone who knows me in real life sees this profile, please refrain from using my real name on here.

Nearly all of my posts will have some form of a trigger warning. For the posts that have major gory details there will be a specific list of triggers at the beginning of the post. For all others that have possible triggers but that are rather minor, there will simply be a “T/W * * *” before the start of the post proper.

Thank you for visiting. Feedback fuels me. =) Blessed be.


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